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703 MCKinney Ave. Dallas TX 75202
This Venue is Closed!


music Electro, House, Mash-Ups, Top 40

hours Friday-Saturday 10PM - 2AM
Sunday-Thursday: Open for special/private event

dress code Dress to Impress

events Holiday & Special Events available

Zouk Nightclub Dallas TX

What’s in a name? Establishments are often given a specific moniker to symbolize or immortalize a certain person, object, or concept. Sometimes, they’re just chosen because they’re memorable. One specific popular nightclub in Dallas looks to fall into the latter of the two categories, but really has a clear definition that simply embodies what guests can expect when they step through the door. Regardless of the name, though, if it’s a good time you’re looking for, than Dallas’ own Zouk is the club you’re looking for.

Literally, Zouk is a form of fast tempo music straight from the sunny Caribbean. If you’ve never been to the gorgeous islands, than you probably wouldn’t know that the natives know not only how to party, but how to party all night long. That fact alone should put a glimmer of excitement in your eye when you realize exactly what this club is named for. When you walk through the doors of this Dallas-based, five-star venue, your senses are immediately overloaded with pounding music that fuses to your nerves, leaving you no choice but to make a dash to the dance floor to release the sudden buildup of energy.

Zouk is the ultimate party space, providing an attractive setting adorned and bathed in pleasant mood lighting that isn’t too overbearing on the eyes. The soft lighting reflects off of the club’s many shiny surfaces, ensuring to drench its guests in soft hues. On the contrary, the DJ running Zouk for the evening keeps the energy popping as they blast out a steady stream of various musical genres, including that which the club is named after. It’s impossible not to feel infected by the string of music which accounts for the constantly packed dance floor.

A bar accompanied by some of the finest liquors you’ll ever find is available for those that need to either loosen up or reenergize. Choose from your favorite mixed beverages, a long with varying domestic and foreign beers. With the alcohol flowing freely, Zouk is able to keep its high energy atmosphere pumped up and constant throughout the duration of the evening.

While you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself to the fullest no matter how you spend your time at Zouk, the ultimate experience is through the club’s VIP program. On top of the awesomely convenient “front line access”, which gets you inside the club faster and without hassle, you and your party will also be greeted by a private VIP host whom will direct you to your very own VIP booth or table. With exquisite views of the dance floor, you’ll have the best seat in the house.

Getting VIP access may be an intimidating feat, but that’s only without the help of Dallas’ VIP expert, DallasVIP. Pick up the phone or log onto their convenient website for details on how to get your VIP experience underway. Included in your Zouk VIP access, you’ll also receive luxury transportation in the form of a stretch limousine.

VIP access to the hottest club in Dallas; can it get any better than that?

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  • William A.
    rise to the past

    beautiful club always has been, such a shame it could not once again be a premier gay club in the city of dallas. One that was allowed to stay open til and serve til 5. Nothing againist straight people but they do tend to be more violent and tear things up. Besides this would be a classy gay bar like Backstreet in Atlanta used to be.