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Le Vú

2505 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75226


music Electro, House, Mash-Ups, Top 40

hours Friday-Saturday 10PM - 2AM

dress code Dress to Impress

events Holiday & Special Events available

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Crusin and Boozing

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  • VIP entry to Le Vu
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  • 4 hours of limo transportation
  • VIP entry to Le Vu with bottle service at VIP table
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Le Vu Nightclub Dallas TX

Nightclubs. From the East Coast to the West, these entertainment-centric establishments are in abundance, so much so that, no matter what city you are in, you’ll find one that suits your needs. What are your needs, though? Do you enjoy those loud venues where it’s either get drunk of have a pounding headache by the end of the night; or are you more into the toned down atmosphere, where casual conversation is actually a possibility? While the initial of those two tend to be the most common, the more lounge-like nightclubs typically get tucked away into a corner and are reserved for those that have the privilege of knowing they’re there. In the great city of Dallas, the Big D, you’ll find a hybrid of lounge and nightclub, but this one is far from being tucked into a corner. Le Vu Lounge takes on the look of a high-energy nightclub while offering an escape and atmosphere for those not looking to get sucked into the energetic party on the dance floor.

Don’t misjudge Le Vu. Regardless of the “lounge” tag, this venue still knows how to deliver a party like any other nightclub. A dance floor gracing the club’s opulent space gives those wishing to dance a place to escape to. There is a distinction between where to sit back and relax and where the real party is, so there’s no need to worry about getting sucked into an energetic party that you were looking to avoid. Fueling the party on the dance floor is a somewhat larger bar, offering an extensive arrangement of alcoholic beverages that any party go-er can easily dive into.

The atmosphere at Le Vu is not only inviting, it’s one that all should experience. Lighthearted with a healthy dose of that party vibe, Le Vu provides an all-out entertaining space for all walks of life. If you want to recede away into a quieter environment, simply remove yourself from the dance-floor area and you’ll find the atmosphere changing quite a bit. You and your friends will be able to enjoy yourself while still partaking in the club’s usual activities. If you’re there to pick up chicks or make new friends, the disconnect from the party atmosphere to the lounge space allows you to do both effectively.

Le Vu makes for the perfect space to have your bachelor / bachelorette party or to just escape to with a group of your closest friends. To get the best experience out of your time at Le Vu, you’ll want to make one simple phone call to the staff at DallasVIP. Not only will you get attentive service, a representative of DallasVIP will prearrange all aspects of your evening, including transportation and VIP seating. With VIP access to Le Vu, you’ll have your own VIP host and exclusive access to a private table. Top off the experience with a bottle of the club’s finest liquor, and you’ve got yourself a party.

Tack on an assortment of special guest DJs and special events, including DJ Scooter and the Artopia After Party, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate in nightlife entertainment. Don’t forget to reserve yourself a VIP evening through DallasVIP. Included in your VIP access to Le Vu is everything you’d need to have the night of your life.

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