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5039 Willis Ave. Dallas, Texas 75206


music Electro, House, Mash-Ups, Top 40

hours Wednesday and Saturday, 9PM - 2AM

dress code Strictly enforced. No shorts, no hats, no t-shirts, no tennis shoes

events Special Events on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

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  • VIP entry to Candleroom
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  • VIP entry to Candleroom with bottle service at VIP table
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Candleroom Nightclub Dallas TX

There is a trend going around these days, and that trend is taking the concept of the bar and twisting it into something more than a hangout for drunkards and sport fans. One such upscale establishment can be found in Dallas, TX, right along Willis Ave. Providing a bar-like atmosphere for a classier crowd, the Candleroom takes the concepts of a small-town bar and a high end lounge and blends them together to create an experience that must be seen to be believed. Exclusivity is key, ensuring that not any Joe can walk in off the streets.

Devoting itself to the concept of a private venue, Candleroom is an "invitation only" venue, opening its doors to members and referred guests only. Make sure your name is on the list, or you'll find yourself walking sadly away from the venue entrance. If you know any members of the Candleroom, you can receive a Preferred Referral, which is the only way - outside of a membership - that will get you through the doors.

As you first enter the Candleroom, you'll find yourself double checking the location to ensure you're not lost. Though you may have expected some run down dive, you'll find yourself standing in the midst of leather furniture, intimate mood lighting, and a crowd of people looking for more than just peanuts and beer. The first thing your eyes will lock onto is the beautifully decorated bar that lines one wall of this bar / lounge hybrid. Behind an expertly trained and overtly friendly staff of bartenders, all waiting and willing to create any concoction, is a display of lighting that helps the bar stand out from its hole in the wall.

Like any good bar, the Candleroom presents its patrons with a diverse menu of drink options. Whether you're looking to kick back and enjoy a light Dom Perignon or let the establishments atmosphere take you with a cool glass of Bacardi, the Candleroom will satisfy. Choose from an arrangement of 6 different stiff drinks, all available in a slew of varieties, or go for some of the mixed beverages. Sip down the mixture of Skyy Vodka, Bols Sour Apple Schnapps, Red Bull, and orange juice of the Sour Insomnia or savor the Zing Zang Tini, which involves a blend of Stolichnaya and Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix. These specialty martinis are just the start, so don't be afraid to ask for your own special blend. The slew of nightly bartenders take their jobs seriously and should have no problem creating any requested beverage.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, enjoy a nightly party dedicated to ringing in the next day. Nighty drink specials round off an already pleasant experience while an in-house DJ keeps the party alive with a continuous stream of danceable tunes. Though the floor may get crowded, you'll find yourself wanting the party to get bigger and bigger at Candleroom.

Candleroom is upscale, and it does its best to remain this way by keeping the general public out. By allowing only members, it guarantees that the venue won't stray away from its classy environment. Despite this exclusivity, Candleroom is the hottest party venue in Dallas.

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