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The Dram Bar

2918 N. Henderson Ave, Dallas, Texas 75206


hours Tuesday - Saturday, 8:30pm - 2am

music Background Music

event Tuesday Night: Off the Record, Wednesday Night: Flight Night, Special Events are available

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The Dram Bar Dallas TX

When most people think of the word "bar", they automatically imagine a run-down location, peanut shells littering the floor. Most bars are stereotyped as being rowdy locations where rules don't apply. While the stereotype is not always true, there are those that fit the bill perfectly; and then there are those that overstep the boundaries of stereotyping to provide an upscale venue for people to kick back, relax, and enjoy a pleasant evening. Dram in the Knox / Henderson area of Texas is one such place, providing not only a refreshing mix of beverages, but also a classy atmosphere that mimics more of a lounge than a bar.

When you step foot inside of Dram's decorated space, you'll find yourself taken a-back. Where you may have expected wooden tables and a scratched up bar top you'll find plush lounge furniture and an inviting space to take a load off. Behind the bar is a large display of everything this location has to offer. Here, you'll find your standard liquors on display, welcoming you to indulge in their frosty goodness. If the wall of liquor is an indication of anything, it's that Dram is well equipped to handle all wants and desires.

Since this is a bar, you can expect yourself to be faced with a vast menu of beverage choices. Amidst your options is a specialized cocktail listing that features a varying assortment of different types of mixtures. Whether your flavors lie in more Caribbean-styled drinks, like the Rhum Rhubbarb, or in something from across the border, like the Agave Daisy, Dram can cater to your taste buds. Beyond these specialties is a world of beers, red and white wines, champagnes, and, of course, caffeine-laden soft drinks. Additionally, Dram offers an array of Single Malts, including a 15 year old Dalmore, an 18 year old Highland Park, and a 12 year old the Macallan.

Every Tuesday, guests can take advantage of the Off the Record Industry Night. Vintage and classic cocktails, such as the Manhattan and Mojito, are offered for the reasonable price of $5. On Wednesdays, Dram offers a delicious refined whiskey for Flight Night. It's these specials that serve as a "thank you" to each of Dram's return costumers and makes this establishment the perfect after-work hangout. Come with a group of coworkers for some friendly time together or take a seat at the bar by yourself. Either way, your time at Dram is bound to be well spent.

Everything at Dram is expertly crafted by one of its fine bartenders, all schooled on the fine art of alcoholic beverage mixology. Matching the classic atmosphere of the space itself, Dram's beverages bring back a sense of the days when bars were classy establishments that welcomed the upper class to an evening of quiet conversation. You won't find the usual high energies of the bar scene, as Dram's soft tones and plush furnishings inspires the best out of everybody.

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