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Deep Ellum Brewing Company

2823 St Louis Street, Dallas, Texas 75226


hours Saturday, 12pm - 3pm

music Live Music

event Saturday DEBC Brewery Tour

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Deep Ellum Brewing Company Bar Dallas TX

If there's one commonly known fact about the great state of Texas, it's that the food is unbelievable. Even beyond the scope of the barbeque flavors that the south is famous for, the cuisine in the Lone Star State is definitely one worth traveling for, especially in the eclectic city of Dallas. What do you do, though, when you're looking to accompany that delicious fare with something that will compliment the flavors? While some may turn to generic sodas or fruity mixed cocktails, the real men and women of Texas will pine for something richer; something with bite; something refreshing. For those people, there's the flavorful menu of home brewed beers at the Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

If this brewery's website is an indication of anything, it's that the staff of nine is extremely serious about its brews. Tired of what's become the lackluster norm followed by other brewing companies, the four men behind Deep Ellum publicly pledge (on their website) to their consumers that they will be the counterbalance to “big, corporate breweries” and their substandard products. If you're looking for fresh brews that can accompany any occasion and any time of the day, then the Deep Ellum Brewing Company is going to be your last stop on the quest for the perfect brew.

Though their menu may not be an extensive list of complex beers, the localized selections allow the small team to perfect what they do offer. With a smaller focus, the brewing crew at Deep Ellum can remain attentive to a select few brews, rather than having to deal with an extensive menu and possibly reduce the quality of their beverages. Crafted from ingredients indigenous to the United States, Deep Ellum keeps everything local, ensuring the tag of an All-American Brewery, a fact that should warrant praise from Dallas' locals.

Included on the brewery's year round menu is the Deep Ellum IPA American Pale Ale, Baltic Porter known as the Double Brown Stout, and the Neo American Rye Pils(ner). These beers take on a unique flavor as each one is created from a unique mixture of hops, malts, and yeast. More complex brews find themselves on a seasonal menu and are created through the addition of ingredients such as raw cane sugar, blackstrap molasses, and flake triticale. Whether you're looking to indulge in the chocolate-imbued Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout or the sweeter Dreamcrusher, the Deep Ellum Brewing Company will not fail to please.

To promote its delicious brews and keep itself known as a “place of the people”, Deep Ellum promotes community involvement through special events. Sign up for their newsletter (labeled Junk Mail on the companies website to promote its humor and self-awareness) to get an update on the latest and greatest of the breweries events. Whether it's the launch of a new brew or a promotion of different flavors, Deep Ellum stands to remain a community favorite in the Big D.

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