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Glass Lounge & Club

1899 McKinney Ave. Dallas, Texas 75201
This Venue is Closed!


music Top 40, DJ

hours Friday-Saturday 10PM - 2AM

dress code Trendy

events Holiday & Special Events available upon request

Glass Lounge Dallas TX

Glass Nightclub is one of Dallas' newest and hottest dance clubs in town. It is located in the upscale area in Uptown at 1899 McKinney Ave. Its clean, white decor embodies the senses if you can make your way past the long line to gain entry. Dallas VIP will ensure a quick and smooth entry and make sure your group is set up with the best VIP table in the club.

Glass is a chic club and boasts an outdoor patio, a lounge with seating, and large VIP tables to accomodate groups, and a dedicated dance floor located in front of the DJ and VIP booths. Glass's decor definetely follows its name in that there is colored glass adorned throughout the nightclub with rich whites, purples,and pinks to accent its walls. The large chandelier in the main room is the fixture that will definetly catch your eye as you enter into the busy nightclub. Once past the main door to the entryway there is a short hallway leading into the main room. There is a DJ booth right in the entry way that overlooks the dance floor and VIP booths. There are 5 large VIP booths that can accomodate large groups of up to 15 people comfortably. The VIP booths are covered in white leather setting the clean feel of Glass.

On the other side of the club is a long bar with white marble counter tops ensuring that guests do not wait in endless lines to purchase cocktails. On the other side of the bar is a spacious lounge area where guests can get away from the busy dancefloor to have a more intimate conversation with friends. The lounge has smaller tables and has a great view overlooking the Uptown Dallas skyline. At the far end of the club is the restrooms that are done correctly to give guests an upscale and spacious atmosphere. It was designed with women in mind by creating numberous stalls to avoid long lines to the restrooms.

Glass does require a strict dress code and does not allow shorts, T-shirts, tennis shoes, or flip flops. Come dressed to impressed as the crowd in Glass is one of the best looking crowds in Dallas.

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