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Union Park Gastro Bar

1311 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75202


hours Friday and Saturday, 11am - 2am
Sunday, 1am - 12pm
Happy Hours, 4pm - 7pm
Sunday Brunch, 11am - 4pm

music Live Music

cruisine American, Burgers, Pub Food

event Monday / Industry Night / 9pm - 2am

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Union Park Bar Dallas TX

Though originally coined in the United Kingdom, the concept of the gastropub erupted into a popular frenzy in the United States. The idea of combining the flare and familiarity of a local bar with the delicious menu of a restaurant was bound to be one that caught on, so it's no surprise that even the deep south, known for its comfort foods, picked up on the concept. Located in downtown Dallas in the great state of Texas is where you'll find Union Park, one of the Big D's most prolific gastropubs.

When you think of a classic bar, undoubtedly your mind pictures an older structure decorated in nicotine stained embellishments from a different time period. The bar top is littered with scratches and markings from the long history of drunken fools that sat there and the only thing offsetting the large amount of alcohol being indulged in is a few baskets of month old peanuts. With Union Park, all of those "bar stereotypes" are thrown out the window for something that reeks of modern flare. From the moment you step through the entrance of this gastropub, you get the sense that you've found yourself in the midst of a downtown nightclub. Between the mood lighting and the less-then-typical bar music, Union Park offers a pleasant atmosphere combined with an extensive menu of refreshing beverages and expertly cooked dining options.

Like any well respected gastropub, Union Park steps just beyond the normal assortment of basic dining options, combining the intricate flavors of a restaurant with a menu chock full of what's come to be known as "bar foods". From flavorful appetizers like crispy buffalo wings and lobster corn dogs to familiar entrees like chicken and waffles and fish and chips. This gastropub's menu doesn't just deliver the same flavors you'd find at any high budget chain restaurant. Union Park's vast array of juicy, handcrafted hamburgers will put any chain to shame while its sandwiches, piled high with the appropriate fillings, will leave you wondering why you bother with those cut rate healthy footlongs.

A bar is nothing without a menu of refreshing beverages, and Union Park is sure to deliver on this aspect. From finely crafted cocktails to fresh-from-the-tap brews, all walks of life will find something to quench their thirst. Whether you're into the fruiter mixtures of the classic margarita or want something with a bit more of a kick, Union Park can deliver what you need. Pair up your favorite food with one of this gastropub's delicious drinks for the perfect late night paring.

Where Union Park separates itself from other pubs is its fine line of entertainment. Taking on more of a nightclub-esque feel, Union Park welcomes a wide range of special guest DJs for special events as the gastropub offers.

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