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723 N Pearl St. Dallas TX 75201


music Electro, House, Mash-Ups, Top 40

hours Tue, Fri & Sat 10PM - 2AM

dress code Dress to Impress

events Holiday & Special Events available

Luxx Nightclub Dallas TX

At the heart of Dallas, a city known for its food and bustling business district, there is a budding nightlife that banks itself on numerous nightclubs. One such nightclub is Luxx, located in Downtown Dallas-Fort Worth. While many nightclubs rely on the drunkenness of its patrons to thrive and succeed, Luxx’s level of entertainment keeps it a city staple when it comes to entertaining the masses.

Where Luxx differs from many nightclubs is that it also doubles as a lounge. Most nightlife venues focus so much on the party that they forget that some of their cliental actually prefers to sit and chat with one another. Luxx rectifies this oversight by including a more lounge-like atmosphere in its offerings. While it is able to provide the high energy partying of a nightclub, Luxx also gives people a spot to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the company of others.

The party at Luxx is fueled by a continuous stream of house music, brought to life by resident DJ REV on a nightly basis. REV knows exactly what the city of Dallas needs to start partying, and in the comfort of his centrally located booth, he can provide as required. REV mixes things up, switching up the norms of house music for the occasional Top 40. So long as it’s danceable and keeps the energy high, REV will play it.

Luxx is a hedonists dream, as this high end nightclub is outfitted not only with the utmost in luxurious decor, but also an assortment of must-have VIP booths and tables. Providing its most important guests with ideal seating and unbeatable views of the dance floor. If people watching is your thing, than VIP service is undoubtedly the route you want to go. On top of everything, you also get VIP access to the club - that’s front of the line - and a bottle of premium liquor straight from the bar.

Ensuring that the party never gets stale, the minds behind Luxx are wise enough to call in special guests every so often; so on any occasion you may find yourself lucky enough to party in the company of guest DJs like Billy the Kid, Keith Tran, Devo, and Def Product. No matter who is at the helm, though, there’s no doubt that the party will be full of energy.

So head down to Luxx soon and make sure you have Dallas VIP on your side - the only real means of guaranteeing a night full of luxury accommodations and unforgettable events.

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