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Winston’s Supperclub

3111 Welbourne Avenue, Suite 110. Dallas TX 75219


music Electro, House, Mash-Ups, Top 40

hours Fri, Sat: 10PM - 2AM
Sun(Special Event Only): 10PM - 2AM

dress code Dress to Impress

events Holiday & Special Events available

Winston’s Supperclub Dallas TX

What’s in a name? When it comes to Dallas, TX’s Winston’s Supperclub, not a dang thing. There’s no denying that the people of Dallas know how to party, but until you’ve partied at Winston’s Supperclub, you really don’t know their capabilities. Fueled by an exciting atmosphere that is amped up by so many differing factors, Winston’s Supperclub is bound to be the biggest surprise you find when scoping out the nightlife of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What really makes Winston’s so special? Could it be the exclusivity of this high-end, intricately decorated establishment? Maybe it’s the accolades given by CBS Dallas for the “Best bar for bottle service”. Heck, it could even be something so simple as the consistently friendly and outgoing service. Truth be told, it’s probably the fact that Winston’s throws some of the most uninhibited parties to be found anywhere in Texas. We’re not talking raunchy and rowdy, either. We’re talking full on hard partying, where time is not a factor and the DJ is your new best friend.

Winston’s makes it easy to enjoy the party, especially with its round-up of weekly events. From Wednesday through Saturday, the crew at Winston’s celebrates a new focus, from socialites to something a little more “south of the border”. While it may not seem like an important part of a nightclub’s success, the more events offered, the more opportunity there is to party - and party hard.

Winston’s is decorated in a gorgeous selection of avant-garde decor. Decorative birdcages line a mini, leveled catwalk, which plays host to some of the club’s more special guests. A selection of teals and reds delight the senses when you’re not too busy focusing on the boisterous dance floor.

Not one to be outdone by any other nightclub, Winston’s is sure to offer its own VIP package. Spring for VIP, especially through Dallas VIP, and you will easily find yourself amongst some of the more standout customers. Enjoy VIP seating right amidst the action, with unrivaled views of all of the club’s important focal points, a bottle of premium - and very expensive - liquor, and access to the club without having to wait on line. For this joint, those deals are must haves and should not be passed upon.

You may know what the nightlife in Dallas is, but when you take that first step into Winston’s Supperclub, you’ll find that you were wrong all along. This large space houses the true definition of a party, and it’s not coy about showing it.

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  • Crystal D.
    A waste of $600 bottle service!

    I booked two tables for Saturday Oct. 17th for my birthday celebration. I have been to Winstons before & absolutely loved it. Bihn the promotor I booked my bottle service with first promised me the section in front of the DJ booth. Come to find out, that section was taken from me and given to my good friend who knew a different promotor. I would have not found out about this until I showed up if my friend had not told me. I feel in this case it's the PROMOTORS JOB to let me know before showing. When I get to Winstons on the night of the 17th, I am only granted ONE table which again I was not aware of until I showed up. One of the promotors, comes to pretty much act like he knows what's going on & tells me the club doesn't allow one person to get two tables...this should have been addressed to me when I was dicussing the table situation with the promotor on the phone. They were rude, threatened to sell resell my table. Told me I wasn't spending enough. I mean if $600 isn't enough to spend on 4 bottles that I can buy at the store for $100 idk how more they want to rape you out of your money. Not only that but I had over 30 people show up for my birthday & they all spent well over 200$ easily plus one of my friends got another bottle for my table. They give Winstons a very very bad name. Anyone I know in Dallas will know about your bad service due to the promotors hired & I know a lot of people in Dallas. I am a downtown resident & word of mouth around here travels fast & easy. I hope you find ways to improve your staff because I love Winstons & it's a shame that it'll soon become the new Thrive night club. Tisk tisk.