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1608 Main Street Suite B Dallas, Texas 75201
This Venue is Closed!


music Dubstep, Electro, Hip-Hop, House, Mash-Ups, Top 40

hours Thursday-Saturday 10PM - 2AM

dress code Dress to Impress

events Holiday & Special Events available

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Crusin and Boozing

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Cameo Nightclub Dallas TX

Cameo Nightclub in Downtown Dallas is about as close to a Vegas nightclub that Dallas has to offer. Owned by the same people that brought such hot nightspots as Mantis and Vice to the Dallas Metroplex, this club is sure to give club goers in Dallas exactly what they are looking for when going out downtown for a night of dancing and fun. Cameo has sleek wooden walls that are adorned with crystal chandeliers throughout its space. The dance floor was sunk down and the DJ booth over looks the entire scene while dropping the hottest tracks that club goers can get down to all night long.

Upon entering the club, guests travel down a flight of stairs and around the corner the room opens up into a spacious upscale club with music pumping and good looking people dancing and conversing. The club space is set in a square shape with VIP booths on the outside looking onto the sunken in dance floor which allows patrons to be part of the action without being trampled on. In the middle of everything is the DJ booth overlooking the center of the dance floor and it gives guests a clear view of the DJ regardless of where they are sitting or standing in the nightclub. There are 2 main bars in Cameo Nightclub. One of which is smaller and is located in the back left corner and the main bar that stretches across the front end of the nightclub allowing drinkers to get served quickly without fighting in lengthy lines 4 people deep.

Cameo is open three nights a week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to satisfy all your dancing and swanky nightclub needs. It is the brainchild of the creators of Mantis located just down the street in Downtown Dallas and Vice that is located in Fort Worth. It is set in the space formerly known as Dolce, but has been completely renovated to appeal to the masses. Cameo is guarded by a bouncer that makes sure every guest is dressed to impress before being allowed entry into its doors. The dance floor is about 500 square feet and sunk into the ground sitting under a ceiling that hangs hundreds of dangling crystals and a disco ball that refracts laser lights throughout the space. The stereo system in Cameo is one to be recognized boasting a rare 24 karat plated Technics allowing the DJ to pump the most clear and loud music into the dancing crowd below. Cameo Nightclub is also well known for its speciality cocktails and generous list of options for liquor. Bottle service is also highly recommended for Cameo if you don't want to be stuck on a packed dance floor and to allow yourself room to invite beautiful women to your VIP table. Dallas VIP offers VIP packages that will ensure smooth entry into Cameo and put your group at the best table in the house to make sure everyone has a great time. Be sure to call Dallas VIP to customize a package to fit your needs and budget.

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Overall Rating:
2 reviews
  • Sandy R.
    Never again!!!

    Worst experience ever!! Staff gets drunk and tacky! Very unprofessional staff! Been there a few time n loved it till now!! Dnt recommended ! I though I was in down town not in oak cliff! .. Cameo! Try n get better staffing .. Someone that doesn't relate personal issues with work professionalism ! Never going again! Thanks for an awful night!!!

  • John D.
    Power struggle

    This club could be so much better!

    The bouncers are on a power trip and there were gang members in the club that were ignored when they started a fight with one of my crew!

    The bartender charges different prices for the same drinks!

    Overall, I would never spend another dollar in this place until they change the decor and the security.

    Also, don't bother trying to get in if you're Hispanic, Mexican or black in general, unless you're rich!

    And someone tell that head doorman to get over himself - what an asshole!