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The Chesterfield

1404 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75202


hours Open Daily, 11am - 2am

music Background Music

cruisine Chicken, Seafood, Steaks

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Chesterfield Bar Dallas TX

According to the Blues Brothers, Chesterfield is known to satisfy, which makes the name of this Downtown Dallas bar all the more fitting. Located on the rather popular Main Street, Chesterfield's is everything one could want out of a bar. Great atmosphere, a conversation-worthy crowd, and the convenience of locality all fuel the popularity of this venue, named after the infamous Chesterfield cigarette.

Everything about Chesterfields falls into a category that can be described only as classical. From the name right down to the chaptered menus, Chesterfield leaves its patrons feeling like they've stepped into an early 20th century establishment. The menu is styled after early American beverage menus, which were sectioned off into chapters. Each chapter was arranged by style of drink, a fact that Chesterfield mimics flawlessly. From sours, smashes, and juleps, Chesterfield's menu is an extensive mix of varying beverages all designed to refresh the pallet and sooth the soul.

Before you get lost in this bar's large drink menu, you'll want to take a look at your food options. Whether you're looking for a light lunch, a filling dinner, or a starter brunch (on Sundays), Chesterfield's is guaranteed to offer something to your liking. Their lunch menu is decorated in an assortment of crisp salads, accented perfectly by sandwiches including the Oswald, which is a pig-lovers delight with ham, pork belly, and bacon placed atop a pannini. Dinner is a whole different story, and while you can indulge in just a salad, you may find your taste buds quivering for their succulent steak frites or pan-seared sea scallops. Start off your entrée with an assortment of starters, ranging from baby artichokes to chorizo empanadas.

When you have a delicious menu choice in mind, it's time to turn to the extensive drink menu. Running an impressive 10 chapters, Chesterfield's selection of beverages is both intimidating and welcoming. Covering the Golden Age, Lost Recipes, Neo-Classical, Derby, Polynesian, Hard Knocks, Forbidden, Pandora's Box, Clarets, and Ales, Chesterfield's has a well-thought out selection that compliments any and all occasions and flavors. Including a range of weaker beverages to much stronger and harder drinks, the massive selection from the bar is bound to require many return visits to try everything once.

What really makes Chesterfield's shine is its flare. Featuring one of the most extensive ice programs in the Deep South, Chesterfield's tenders will surprise guests with a slew of impressive techniques. From freshly chipping ice for drinks to adding an assortment of flavors, this is establishment shows a technical side that not all bars are keen on. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Chesterfield's is the it place in Downtown Dallas. Its classical style, delicious dining options, and largely refreshing beverage menu all work hand-in-hand to create the perfect bar experience.

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