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Zaza Pool Dallas

2332 Leonard St, Dallas, TX 75201


music House, Top 40, Hip Hop

hours Saturdays and Sundays 11am-7pm

dress code Pool attire

events TBA



Zaza Pool Party

Among the Dallas Pool Party Scene, a true standout is the Hotel ZaZa. The ZaZa pool party has been bustling for quite some time, and the hotel itself has a reputation for housing not only the socially elite of the Dallas scene, but also of the Hollywood scene. Many A-list celebs have been known to frequent ZaZa when they’re in town, either for filming, recording an album or just in town to experience all the awesomeness that is Dallas. It’s not uncommon to see Oscar and Grammy winning stars poolside sipping cocktails, or having roasted chicken roulade in Dragonfly. Take a wonderful view of the Uptown skyline, add great group of staff and servers, beyond amazingly classy accommodations, and then throw in Dragonfly restaurant, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable time.

ZaZa’s pool party has been going strong for years. It’s almost developed a life of it’s own. It’s a staple of the Dallas scene, for a simple reason: it’s a smashingly great time. The summer months are spectacular, a great vibe both during the week, when it’s a little more laid back - and on weekends, when it becomes a no holds barred event. The DJs always seem to know exactly how to set the mood and lay down the best tracks for the situation. Not only can you beat the heat in the summer at ZaZa, you can hang out in the winter months, as well. The pool area is covered in a clear and heated plastic tent structure, showing the dedication to their pool parties ZaZa has. “Cooler weather? No problem. Don’t let the party die.” seems to be the mantra they’ve embodied. No matter the climate, an unbelievable time is always in the forecast at ZaZa.

The Dragonfly is also at ZaZa, which boasts a menu full of selection and is known almost as well for it’s engaging menu as it is for it’s all out attention to detail decor. The food and drinks are top shelf, and the atmosphere is purely sensational. The chef runs a tight ship, and the food is consistently imaginative, and on point. The drinks are always poured with skill and precision, to complement your experience perfectly. It’s the ideal place to end the evening after a long day poolside, or to kick off the night’s festivities before you hit the pool.

ZaZa is home to one of the most famed hotels in the DFW metroplex. It’s known for it’s Magnificent Seven rooms, all theme inspired with each being it’s own different presentation of luxury. The artwork throughout the hotel is put together in a ridiculously precise fashion, all of which seems to have been made exactly for the place it’s located.

But all of these things are just side dishes in the steak dinner that is the ZaZa pool party.

The level of energy at a ZaZa pool party reaches near thermonuclear meltdown proportions, and it is definitely a sought after place to be. When the buzz of a place rises like the mercury in an August thermometer, the place is going to be packed; and ZaZa has been for years. It’s not a flash in the pan, it’s not a one hit wonder - it’s the proven heavyweight champ who has no problem going toe to toe for one more round to prove why he’s the champ, no matter who the challenger.

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