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There's no argument that Dallas is one of the best cities in the country. We have everything you could want in this awesome city. But one thing is not so attractive in Dallas...the heat. We all know the worn out cliches about how hot it is here and we've all struggled with 100 degree plus days along with the morbid humidity for months on end. But now, there's something hotter than the temperatures here in Dallas - the Dallas Pool Party Scene.

Like a scene out of a movie or a Jay Z video, the pool party scene is blowing up. Whether it's at the amazing Wet Deck at the W, Sisu, Salt (the old Ku De Ta), Dip, or ZaZa. Pool parties are the place to be this summer, and none is more exciting or striking than The Wet Deck at the W Hotel. They have everything you could want in a summer pool party, without the burdens of pool maintenance and clean up.

The Wet Deck at the W on Sundays is the premier spot for pool party action with the best looking crowd in Dallas. Starting Memorial Day Sunday, and then every following Sunday till the last one in August, will be an exclusive party at the Wet Deck. The 16th floor is the home of this amazing event, which has by far the best view of the Dallas skyline. Watch your worries spill over the edge of the infinity pool to the soundtrack laid down by the best and most sought after DJs in the metroplex; all while enjoying European bottle service or $6 frozen drinks and cocktails to beat out that blistering summer sun.

Why go to the same old pool party at your buddy's apartment complex, with lame music playing out of that weird neighbor from 4C's iPod when you could be mixing it up in style at The Wet Deck? The Wet Deck also has full food service, meaning no more potato salad out of a tub from the grocery store's deli or having to leave the party at it's peak to go fetch more charcoal or hot dogs. There's nothing worse. If you're just looking for something to snack on, or a full-on meal, you can have it here. And, of course, there's cabanas and daybeds with bottle service and a full bar to get drinks. Thus, ending the days of sub-par drink selections and being limited to what's on hand from your sister's very lacking liquor store run.

Worried about that weird neighbor from 4C? Forget ‘em. The Wet Deck is exclusive. It's 21 and up, so you won't have kids cannonballing pool water in your drink, and there's a 50/50 strict ratio of guys to girls, maintained at the door. There's special rates at the W on Junior Suites available, so the party doesn't have to end; and puts the party as close as an elevator ride away. If staying at the W isn't in your plans, DallasVIP offers plenty of options for transportation to and from, as well as several VIP Packages to make your summer the one to remember.

Face it, when your glory days are over, and you're chatting poetic of the days gone by, do you want to tell stories of backyard parties which have faded to mere memories due to not being that memorable in the first place? Wouldn't you rather recount stories of bliss and unrivaled fun, some of the best times of your life you just don't want to stop talking about, even years later?

Contact Dallas VIP for all of your event planning. Our staff has access to all the best scenes and places in DFW. Contact us for specials and promos, as well as exclusive events you just can't get in without us. Have your next get together become an event everyone will be talking about for summers to come with the magic that only DallasVIP can conjure. Call 1-855-7DALLAS today!