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TopGolf Dallas

8787 Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75231


Hours Sunday - Wednesday, 9am - 11pm
Thursday, 9am - Midnight,
Friday & Saturday, 9am - 1am

Facility Point scorin golf games, 54 holes of miniature golf, Batting cages

Cuisine American

Events Happy hour, NFL game day specials, and other special events are available

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Golfing and Clubbing

Package includes:
  • Limo transfer to TopGolf including golf balls and drinks
  • Limo transfer to Men's Club with VIP seating
  • Limo return at end of evening
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About TopGolf Dallas

Golf may not come off as the most fun or least aggravating sport to learn, but there are ways to twist the boring notion behind golf into an entertaining game. One such way is with TopGolf, a premier golf entertainment complex that can be found in several states throughout the country, most importantly within the Texan cities of Dallas and Allen. TopGolf was built with all walks of life in mind, from the golf pro to the anti-golfers. Anybody with an interest in sport competitions and a love for the bar environment will find something within TopGolf to suit their styles.

Of course the big focus at TopGolf is the titular sport; but there's plenty within this sports bar establishment that caters to a much more diverse crowd. First off, there's food; and whenever the words “bar” and “food” comingle, something delicious is produced. Before you get started on the course, be sure to dive into the rather large menu that includes everything from a provolone and pesto flatbreads to BBQ pork sandwich, fresh salads, health-conscious wraps, and juicy hamburgers. Swing by earlier in the morning to catch the daily breakfast, which includes a toasted croissant, breakfast burrito, and seasonal fruit plate.

The central concept behind TopGolf is to create an environment that turns golf from the stereotypical “old guy” sport into a competitive sport that looks attractive to all. TopGolf does this by putting its own spin on the game and creating five different styles. This venue challenges your accuracy and endurance with games like TopChip, which has players trying to hit colored targets in an attempt to improve their short game, TopPressure, which lays out 9 different sections within one target that need to be cleared out, and the ever challenging TopDrive, which tests a players ability to drive the bull with complete accuracy and control.

Beyond these heart pounding games, TopGolf also offers miniature golf and batting cages for the less-than-enthused, an assortment of leagues for the competitor in all of us, and an extensive academy. Within TopGolf's academy, a highly experienced staff provides an assortment of private lessons to improve all aspects of the sport in a personalized training environment. TopGolf's school offers the basics techniques of golf worked into 6 hours of lesson time.

You'd be hard pressed to find a golf academy that mixes fun and professionalism so effortlessly into one venue. With TopGolf, you have the perfect golf school, a friendly neighborhood bar, and the ideal location for any party or event that requires a little hint of excitement. Even the least enthused about the game of golf will find themselves pining for more nights at TopGolf.

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