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Westman Young

High school or college attended:
El Centro College
Business Managment
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Hello my name is Westman Young age 29 date of birth Feb. 28, 1984. I went ti three high schools Cedar Hill, Lancaster, and graduated at South Oak Cliff in 2002. I received an associates degree in business management in 2007. received certification in five areas of business human resources specialist, management, management supervisor, public administration, and supervision.

I started working in security at age 18 securing private parties and social events. I began working as a rover security officer at age 21. Responsible for on site security at multiple locations Grand Hyatt Hotel DFW Airport, DFW Airport Terminals, Grand Prairie Texas Military Base Reserve, Texas Department of Transportation and special projects such as Katrina Relief. All assignments include video surveillance, guest services, and loss prevention.

At age 24 with years of experience from regulating crowd control to federal security; I started night club and personal protection services. I found a love and passion for personal protection. Not for what it can do for me but for what I can do for others. Its an intrinsic reward for me to be of service to the people. In the Dallas night life I've seen many faces and helped people out of complexed situations. The most rewarding part of my job is making people safe. For someone to come up to you and say "thank you, u saved my life" is priceless.

Services I provide:

List of the celebrities or athletes I have done security for in the past:

I have worked at several major clubs in the Downtown and Uptown areas of Dallas Texas. Club Cameo and Mantus Downtown Dallas Texas to name a few.

Celebrity clients I have done security for are: Julie Cash, Felix Jones of Dallas Cowboys,Tony Romo of Dallas Cowboys, Marion Barber former Dallas Cowboys, Vince Young of Tennessee Titains, Shawn Marion of Dallas Mavericks, and Dampier of Dallas Mavericks to name a few.