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Maurice Bullock

High school or college attended:
Collin County Community College
Elementary Education
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Hello, my name is Maurice Bullock I am originally from Irvington, New Jersey. I Have been in the security, Bio Terrorism, and Corporate Counter Measures Field for over 10 years. My experience in my line of work I tell my guys is, "life Is about building relationships and I have a sky scraper." I have worked in high profile weddings, the Superbowl, NBA All-Star games, concerts, and more. I was on assignment for a pharmaceuticals company where they were testing humans on the stages of HIV and Hepatitis. My job was to make sure nothing happened to the material, data, or the volunteers. There was a demonstrator that posed as a server. This demonstrator was behind the stage and screens writing down channels off the scanners. With this information he could have sat down anywhere in a 2 mile radius and listened in on the whole symposium. The information did not get compromised due to my diligence and professional experience in security.

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List of the celebrities or athletes I have done security for in the past:

I have worked with Patti Labelle ,Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Anjelah Johnson, Demarcus ware, Tony Romo, Kirby Schlegel, RedBull, Todd Events, Jewel, Tommy Lee, Reggie Bush, Meagan Good, Bravo Entertainment, Landes Group, and the American Airlines corporate office.