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Bobby Burris

High school or college attended:
Gannon High School
General studies
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Big Bobby B is a 30 year old Personal Body Guard who has been in the security business for over 10 years. He is a 350lb, 6’4, Lubbock, Texan and graduate from Gannon High, School in Duncanville, Texas.Bobby moved around a lot as a kid and attributes that to his ability to adapt and function in any situation and feel comfortable in all cultural backgrounds. He is not your typical body guard when it comes to his fashion style, he completely stands out from the ordinary and when he’s not making people feel safe, he’s busy managing his personal jewelry line and soon clothing line The Chris Orlá Collection.

Bobby B has worked several places doing what he loves, Security and can currently be found at Union Park. Bobby’s outstanding performance and dedication to Landmark early in his career, allowed for him to be promoted to Post Supervisor during which time, it gave him the opportunity to expand a great deal on his knowledge and skills in the field of security and customer satisfaction and it helped to guide him in continuing to do what he loves . During his years as a Security Officer, he has had the privilege of assisting many high profile, world famous and nationally known artists, athletes and individuals with their private security needs, as well as provide security assistance in several local venues/night clubs and lounges in the DFW metroplex. Bobby admits that one of his biggest regrets in the business was declining to hang out with Diddy upon his personal invitation because he had to get to his second job and he also remembers one of the strangest moments in his career was when he was paid $600.00 to escort a gentleman to the restroom. He says his biggest pet peeve is BAD customer service, so he takes pride in what he does in making sure that his clients are well taken care of; from the initial hello to the last call he will keep you safe and well guarded.

When you plan your next trip to Dallas, look up Big Bobby B, he’s available!!!

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