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Shuttle Service

capacity Up to 23 Passenger

features 52" LCD TVs, DVD, CD player, leather couch seating

Availability24 hours / 7 weeks

Rates Hourly, Daily or One-way Ride

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About Shuttle Service

23 of your closest friends and family, all tucked together in one cramped space as you ride along a bumpy road, feeling every jarring pothole. Doesn't sound like fun, does it? Well, this is the experience you'd get if you went with some run-of-the-mill standard yellow bus for your next large occasion. Don't start of the event on such a low note; it'll just set the standard for the entire day and probably ruin the experience. Rather, let the drive to your venue be one of the more memorable parts of the event by renting a luxurious 23-passenger shuttle Bus. If you think space is all you're getting with this oversized vehicle, you'd be sorely mistaken but pleasantly surprised.

When you step on board the Executive shuttle service, you're introduced to a world plentiful with space, opulence, and a cozy interior. Two rows of separate, plush leather seating welcome all passengers with a smile, accented by an overhead display of pulsating and steady LED lighting. Despite carrying the “bus” label, this 23-passenger luxury ride divides itself from its yellow brethren by offering more than just a comfortable ride.

Each seat faces towards the front of this lengthy vehicle and have a view of the television screen built into the privacy partition. Play your favorite movies or pop in a corporate training video to pass the time and make effective use of the ride. If some visual stimulation is beyond what you'd like, you can always just plug into the bus' on-board surround sound system and provide some auditory pleasantries in the form of whatever is on your mp3 player. Your guests will revel in the clear sounds that are normally unexpected from any sort of bus.

Beyond the size, this vehicle is less like a bus and more of a luxurious shuttle service. The high-end amenities make the 23-passenger shuttle limo the perfect mode of transportation for any classy affair, ranging from a bachelor / bachelorette party on the town to acting as transportation for an entire wedding party. Regardless, this bus is going to be able to fulfill every whim and desire of the night as your guests settle in and the sun starts to set. In the dark of the night, the interior of this vehicle takes on the look and feel of a motorized nightclub, with the LED lighting setting the mood and tone.

Have a corporate event that requires road travel? Hire out a 23-passenger bus to gather employees together. This allows some extra time for team building, training-on-the-go, or just gives you the chance to reach out to your employees all at one time. Have a group of employees flying in on at the same time? Utilize this passenger bus to transport them all to the meeting or to their hotel. Despite how you use it, the 23-passenger Executive shuttle bus is the ideal vehicle for when a smaller limousine just won't do.

For more information on the 23-passenger shuttle limo bus and how to obtain one for your own use, contact the staff at DallasVIP.com. One simple inquiry to this highly regarded company and you'll be driving in style in no time.

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