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Luxury Limo Bus

capacity Up to 28 Passenger

features 52" LCD TVs, DVD, CD player, leather couch seating

Availability24 hours / 7 weeks

Rates Hourly, Daily or One-way Ride

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About Luxury Limo Bus

Sexy. Sleek. State of the art. Normally, these words are used to describe high-dollar sports cars and other modern luxury vehicles; but what if there was a bus out there that fit the same bill? Generally, the word "bus" doesn’t bring to mind the classiest of vehicles, but mix in the words "executive" and "limo", and you start to picture something a little more appealing to the eyes. With an Executive Limo Bus, you’ll find yourself with a large mobile space adorned with the lavish design of a massive limousine. Whether catering to a corporate gathering or something as simple as a family reunion, the 32-passenger Luxury Limo Bus is the definition of convenience.

At some point in time, we’ve all be in that bind where we need plenty of vehicle space, but only have the option of splitting everybody up into numerous vehicles. It’s a hassle to begin with, but tack on the fear of one person not knowing where they’re going, and you have yourself the potential for disaster. There’s an easy way to rectify this scenario, and it involves little more than a simple phone call. If you’re all going to the same place, you might as well pile into a 32-passenger Luxury Limo Bus. Not only will everybody arrive at the same time, you and your party will get to enjoy the high end amenities that something like a taxi or simple coach bus just can’t offer you.

On the outside, you get the immediate sense that you’re about to walk into a world you’ve only dreamed off. A long stretch of black metal frame encases a world of luxurious, leather seating and an atmosphere that surpasses even the finest of aircraft. 32 individual seats face towards a television screen mounted on a divider that guarantees comfort and privacy. The pinnacle of privacy is the individual shades that can be pulled down to fully cover every passenger window. In this beast of a luxury ride, you’ll be in complete control of the experience you have. Want something mellow and toned down? Attach your mp3 player to the on-board surround sound stereo system to play those classical tunes to help set the mood.

Entertainment is just a button press away as passengers on this opulent behemoth will be on control of not just their own music, but the included AM/FM radio. If you’re not looking for a musical experience, you can pop in your favorite DVD to help bide the time. This would be the perfect opportunity to throw in a corporate training video or slideshow of embarrassing photos, depending on the occasion. You’re in control of this ride, so make sure you take complete advantage of it in any way you can.

This 32-passenger vehicle is ideal for many occasions including, as mentioned above, corporate events and family reunions. It can also be used for bachelor / bachelorette parties (the interior mood lighting helps to set the mood for a mobile nightclub), airport transportation (for those family vacations), and just a simple night on the town with your friends. Now that your interest is piqued, you’re probably asking how to procure such a vehicle for your own needs? Well, there’s only one company in the Dallas area that can provide you with this luxury ride at such an affordable price, and that’s DallasVIP. Give a call to one of this reservation expert’s competent staff and you’ll be riding in style in no time.

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