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Dallas Hummer Limo

Perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties and large group celebrations.

capacity Up to 20 Passenger

features LCD TVs, DVD Player, MP3 Connectivity, Stobe/fiber optic/neon party effects, Tinted Windows, Leather Interior, CD Sound System

Availability24 hours / 7 weeks

Rates Hourly, Daily or One-way Ride

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Dallas Hummer Limo

If you've ever subjected yourself to any WWII movie, chances are you've noticed the tank-like transport vehicle, the Hummer. Made famous by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hummer quickly transformed from a military transport to a flashy soccer mom vehicle, trading the dull green for colors like bright yellow. After its transformation into a common vehicle, the Hummer went through one more change - an elongated body.

Though it may not seem like a desirable mode of transportation for a night out on the town, the Hummer limousine surpasses any other model of limo in style, class, and space. The higher ceiling allows for less of a need to crouch when entering the vehicle, making it the perfect option for that dress-conscious bride. On the outside, the Hummer can take on the classic white and black colors, giving it an air of importance and grace. Once you step through the cab door and that soft hew of reds and greens washes over your face, you'll quickly forget that you're traveling in what is essentially a converted military transport.

Plush leather seating is set up on one side of the mobile mini-club in a bench, allowing for optimal leg room. On the opposite side of the overly comfortable seating arrangement is the vehicles on-board mini-bar. Typically stocked up with bottles of water and cans of soda, the mini-bar can also accommodate carafes of vodka and brandy and a bottle of fine champagne. Resting in a built in cooler, these beverages are guaranteed to keep their cool even when the night starts getting a little heated.

The round of the club-like atmosphere, the interior of the stretch hummer limo is lined with fiber optic lighting, which offers a soft glow throughout. If you've had a bit too much to drink, you won't have to worry about bright lights ruining your drive home. Throughout the vehicle's cab a surround sound system blasts out your chose of music, chosen through the passenger controlled radio or MP3 player docking station.

While the concept may seem unconventional, the stretch hummer limo really is the perfect method of transportation for your next big night on the town. Whether it be a wedding, a bachelor / bachelorette party, or even just a milestone birthday, the stretch hummer limo is bound to leave no friend and fellow passenger disappointed.

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