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The Girl’s Room

1921 1/2 Greenville Ave – Suite B, Texas 75206


hours Wednesday-Sunday

EventsPole Party, Burlesque Party, Lap Dance Party, La Femme Fedora

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Hen Night

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  • VIP Seating at The Girl’s Room
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Bachelorette Party

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About The Girl’s Room

Looking to host the most unforgettable bachelorette party or girl’s night out ever? The Girl’s Room, located in Dallas, Texas, specializes in pole fitness for celebrations, crazy parties, or just for a good time with your best friends. At the Girl’s Room, you can choose from a collection of private classes reserved for all types of women, from the bold and outspoken to the quiet and laidback. The dance and fitness studio designed just for women is the ultimate party spot where women of all ages can feel more feminine and fun. No matter what class you choose for your guests, it’s sure to be a memorable event.

Visit The Girl’s Room for private fitness classes consisting of just your group of friends and guests. The fitness studio offers Cardio Explosion, a type of circuit training that promotes healthy body conditioning using high-intensity aerobics. Cardio Explosion aims to target and improve muscular endurance and strength training to improve strength, flexibility, stamina, and mobility. If your group of friends are the athletic type or don’t mind a challenge, consider signing up for a party at The Girl’s Room to engage in a fun, yet challenging workout.

If your group is interested in something a little bit more unique and wild, consider signing up for a private class reserved for bachelorette party groups or girl’s night out groups. The Girl’s Room Signature “Pole Party” class will give you and your friends the chance to strut your stuff on a stripper pole. During your party, your group will be provided with your own certified pole fitness instructor who will teach you and your friends different types of pole tricks, in addition to cool dance moves for a complete pole dancing routine you can bring back home to show your significant other.

The Girl’s Room has an extensive library of music for you to choose from, or you can bring your own CD of favorite tunes. Want to remember that night forever? Bring along a camera and the staff will assist you with amazing picture taking. Other classes are also available for party groups. The Girl’s Room Signature “Burlesque Party” is a real treat. During the party, the instructor will teach you the art of the “shimmy”, as well as how to perform a complete burlesque routine. Finish the class by learning some sweet and sultry moves that will display your inner femininity, beauty, and confidence.

Looking for something a little more risqué? The Girl’s Room Signature “Lap Dance Party” features seductive lap dance moves that you can learn and take home. It’s one of the most popular classes and for good reason. Using just a chair and some sensual tunes, the instructor will give directions on how to give a lap dance like a pro. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress like a stripper. Just wear some comfy, somewhat loose clothing that allows for mobility, such as a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. Be sure to bring along a camera or video camera and the staff will help you record your routine.

The final party class available at The Girl’s Room is known as La Femme Fedora. During this class, women will be taught how to unveil your body in the most sensual, yet graceful way, so that you’ll feel absolutely beautiful during all of your encounters. Just bring along a man’s button down shirt, a pair of boxers, and a tied tie. No matter what private class you choose, your bachelorette party or girl’s night out is sure to be an amazing time for all involved.

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